Stacey Rempert LCSW-C                                               (410) 206-8573          
 Clinical Social Worker, Trauma Certified                                               

Integrative Psychotherapy

              Depression * Anxiety * Trauma * Addictions *Self-harming behaviors * Grief and Loss                       


Hello and Welcome!  If you have tried traditional “talk therapy” in the past and are still feeling stuck, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether your struggles have been with anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, or grief, to name a few, I can offer you a different approach to therapy that includes the body, not just the mind. Over the years I have become trained in alternative modalities and thus have transformed the way I do therapy.  In addition to my clinical social work degree, I completed several yoga teacher trainings as well as specialized trauma training through The Ferentz Institute. I incorporate yoga, art, breathing techniques, guided imagery and mind-body healing modalities into the therapy process.   My underlying framework, regardless of the issue at hand, is Internal Family Systems which is a psycho-spiritual model for therapy. If you'd like to learn more about that, you can click on "Treatment" at the top of this page and then follow the link.

Therapy is a deeply personal process rather than just something to learn about. I've included the following feedback from clients when asked to describe their experience:

*A sense of peace and joy that they’ve never experienced before

*More compassion and understanding for themselves and others

*Closer, more meaningful relationships with friends and family

*Discovering aspects of themselves such as “inner strength” and “inner wisdom”

*Feeling more comfortable in their bodies and able to breathe more deeply

*Decreased anxiety and improved mood

*Finally able to let go of self-destructive beliefs and behaviors

*Deeper spiritual connection

Since shifting from “talk therapy” to more expressive and experiential therapies, I continue to be amazed at the powerful transformations occurring within clients.  More and more I have come to believe that I am merely a guide, and that each person has a unique healing “map” that unfolds when given a safe space to do so.

I offer a free 30 minute initial consultation (or if you prefer, an initial 60 minute session for a discounted rate of $60) to see if we are a good fit, which is hard to do via phone and/or email. You can discuss your specific concerns and ask any questions you may have.  So if you are hesitant about the therapy process, I'm hoping this incentive will encourage you to at least take the first step. The worst that can happen is that we aren't a good fit in which case perhaps I can recommend someone else.  You have nothing to lose!

Top 7 reasons to give yourself the gift of therapy: 

7. You will have lots of "a-ha" moments, when things you've been puzzled by for years finally MAKE SENSE!
6. You will become wiser, more compassionate, and more understanding of yourself and other people.
5. You will have a safe place to let your feelings out.
4. You will gain practical tools to use in everyday life.
3. You will learn how to stay in the present moment rather than running from your feelings in unhealthy ways. 
2. You will finally be able to let go of negative beliefs and self-destructive behaviors.
1. You will laugh more and enjoy your life.  You might just have a "glow" about you!

             Be the change you wish to see within yourself!
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