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What is the cost of staying stuck in painful emotional patterns and destructive behaviors?

I'm in the business of helping people
.  Unfortunately, it has been my experience that many insurance companies limit the types of therapy that they cover, or aren't aware of newer, alternative treatment modalities.  If I chose to be a "participating provider," this would give insurance companies the opportunity to dictate treatment.  I want to be able to implement whatever type of therapy is going to be most beneficial for each client, rather than using the same techniques for everyone.  For these reasons, I ask that you pay me directly at the time of service. While I understand that "in-network" rates are much lower overall, I also know that I am able to provide quality therapy that is uniquely tailored to each person due to the fact that insurance companies can't influence treatment decisions. 

My rates are as follows:
Free initial 30 minute "meet and greet" to discuss specific concerns, ask questions, and see if we might be a good fit

$210 for one-time 90 minute evaluation
$145 for 60 minute therapy sessions
$125 for a 2nd session in the same week

Included in the cost of therapy are the following: collaboration with other professionals you may already be working with (psychiatrist, guidance counselor, family therapist, or nutritionist); all supplies for yoga and art projects; and paid case consultations with other mental health professionals with your permission.  Your money will be well spent and it will be worth the investment in yourself! 

f you have "out of network" mental health benefits,  you will be reimbursed for a portion of each session by your insurance company.  Payment is due at the time of service, and I provide you with a monthly statement already completed to be mailed to your insurance company.  No other paperwork is required on your part. Please call your insurance company in advance and ask specific questions to make sure you have all the correct information. Call the phone number on your insurance card for "Mental Health" or "Behavioral Health."  Many times, the insurance company won't provide you key pieces of information unless you know exactly what to ask.  Be persistent and eventually you will be able to talk to a real live person!  Have paper and pen handy when you call.

Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:
1) Do I have "out of network" mental health benefits?
2) Do I have a deductible, how much is it, and has it been met for this year?
3) When does my deductible start over?
4) Do you need a treatment request form filled out by the therapist? (if so, find out where you can obtain that form and the fax #).
5) What is considered "reasonable and customary" or the "allowed benefit" for individual psychotherapy with a clinical social worker? (Ask about code 90791 which is a 90 minute psychiatric evaluation, and code 90837 which is for a 60 minute individual therapy session)

6) What is the address to send claim forms to?

If you have any difficulty with obtaining your benefit information, I can help!  Additionally, if a treatment request form is required by the insurance company, I am happy to complete that for you and fax it to them.

Inner growth and transformation are priceless,
and you are absolutely worth the time and money!

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